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User Interface(UI) Android : Explanation

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

On Android applications, the UI is built using objects from the View and ViewGroup. Objects from the View is the basis of the UI development on the Android platform. Objects from the View that serves as a UI with a user called widgets. View class handles the basis for a sub-class widget, which offers all the UI objects such as text fields and buttons. ViewGroup class to subclass handles the basic layout, which offers various types of Architecture of the layout. The simple explanation is ViewGroup View View which has several children.
1. View

  • Text
Have attributes such as height, width, background color, text color, and much more.

TextView is a standard text viewer that can be read does not permit the alteration.
EditText is a box that contains text that can be changed. Use to set the property to capitalize such large letters at the beginning of the sentence. PhoneNumber property can also be used if necessary phone numbers of text reception. In addition, if needed can be used for password fields password property.

  • Button
Button is a standard push button that contains the text as pengidentifikasinya. Used to handle the click event.
ImageButton is press the button that has a picture for identification

  • CheckBoxes and RadioButton
CheckBoxes are used buttons if desired more than one choice with a yes or no to every option.
RadioButton is used when only allowed to choose one option at a time.

  • Spinner
Spinner same as combobox in some other framework. Spinner is used to display the TextView and connects like a list to choose one option from the list displayed.

to be continue...

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