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Android SDK and Eclipse installation

Friday, July 2, 2010

1. Install required components
  • For Java use the latest version can be downloaded at the following address:
  • Android SDK can be downloaded at the following address: / index.html
Once downloaded extract the folder to one of the PATH for example E: \ android_sdk_windows
2. Add the Android platform and other packages needed to SDK
  • SDK Run Setup.exe
  • In the Available Packages menu to select all the packages downloaded
  • select Install Selected and then select the Accept All to accept the selected packages
  • select Install Accepted , Choose Install to install packages that we want to SDK
Note: if there is an error to fetch https: / / / repository.xml then select the menu settings "Force https: / / ... sources to be Fetched using http://"
  • Set the path to the Android SDK directory, by opening the Control Panel and then click on mycomputer system or right click and select Properties. Then on the Advanced tab select Environment Variables, click Edit on the path then input the Android SDK directory path
3. Install Android Development Tools (ADT)
  • ADT is used to connect between the Eclipse and the SDK
  • Run Eclipse by executing eclipse.exe
  • On the Help menu select Install New Software

  • In the Available Software dialog choose Add
    Then in the Name field can be filled in the name of the plugin eg: Android
    Location field contents: https: / / / or PATH storage that has been downloaded previously ADT

    If there are problems in the installation can be used http vs https
  • In the next dialog, click next to read and accept the license agreement and begin the installation, then click Finish.
  • Then set the path of the android through the window menu and then preferences
  • Set path eg E: \ android-SDK-windows
  • Then click OK. If you have successfully installation project will be made based android

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