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Basic java programming android

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Java is a programming language for building applications on Android Operating System. Therefore, to build applications on these operating systems we need a basic understanding of Java programming. Java is an object-oriented programming. Therefore, any concept that will implemented in the form of Java classes. This class defines the objects that have similar behaviors and circumstances. In Java there is a collection of standard class, known as Application Programming Interface (API), in addition we can also describe the class itself as our needs.
* Class Structure of the Class:
access class ClassName()
/ / Attributes / / classbody
/ / Method
'access' shown here is access privileges to the class: private, public, and protected. Private classes can only be accessed by concerned. Public can be used by all other classes. Protected only accessible by another class that is derived from that class. This type of access also applies to attributes and methods.

* Attribute :

Variables are members of the class. This declaration was placed in the outside classbody method.
Attibute Declaration are:
access datatype variablename;

* Method:

Represents behavior in the class. The Declaration was also placed in classbody method.
Method declaration as follows:
data_type_returnValue access methodname (data_type parameters)
/ / Methodbody

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