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Applications : Scientific Calculator Android

Thursday, January 20, 2011

1. Calculator
a. Settlement calculations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Display the maximum eight points behind the comma, the value of zero after the decimal point after the last non-zero digit is not displayed.
b. Settlement calculation details
• Trig: sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan, Sinh, cosh, and tanh
• Logarithmic: log, ln
• powers: Using the notation: ^, for square root used n ^ (1 / n), a * 10 ^ n can be written a.en
• Parentheses
c. Mode: can be chosen degree (deg) or radians (rad).
d. History
• Able to perform removal of the entire history
• Stored in database
• Maximum history: 10
2. The graph
1. Graphic depictions in accordance with the equation given by x as a variable
2. Coordinate
• Able to set the beginning and end of x and y coordinates are displayed
• If the number of scale more than 10 then scaled to 10
3. UI
• There is a button to the right, left, up and down to display settings of the graph
• There is a button to set the zoom magnification of the graph
• There is a menu to save the graphic depiction
3. SMS
a. Can handle incoming SMS if the SMS format SCIC #equation
b. Displays the name of the sender about the calculations based on data on the contacts. If there are no notes on a contact filled views known.
c. UI
• Show the equation and the results
• There are send and cancel buttons
• If in the process of sending it will appear progressDialog until the process is complete. Then display the status of messages sent or not.
d. Able to send SMS answers calculations. Shipping SMS with the format:
Your equation: a matter of calculation
Result: the answer
---- Sent Via Android-SAS-Scientific Calc ----


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The best basic and scientific calculator for free. Simple and accurate.

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