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Creating a Project-based android using Eclipse

Friday, July 2, 2010

Tutorial create project android with eclipse, do this:
a. In Eclipse, on the toolbar menu select File -> New -> Project

b. In the New Project dialog select Android Project

c. Then select the next, the new Android Project dialog fill in as follows:

• Project Name: the name of the project itself
• Contents: The project created new or from existing sources as well as from examples in the
• Build Target: Platforms that will be used on the project created
• Application Name: Name of application that created
• Package Name: Package name for the project consists of a minimum of two identifiers
• Create Activity: Name of activity made
• Min SDK Version: Version SDK project created a minimum passing
d. Press finish the project which will be created will be formed. Directory structure will be formed as follows:

Making Virtual Devices for Emulator

On the toolbar menu in Eclipse, click on or run on the Android SDK directory SDKsetup.exe then choose Virtual Devices. Then choose New

The target is the platform used by the device are made. Then select Create AVD the emulator has been created.

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