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Oracle has sued Google in related java android

Monday, August 16, 2010

Android is currently up the popularity and audiences know him as the operating system (OS) owned by Google. But in the midst of popularity, Google faces patent infringement charges related to his OS's.

Oracle's acquisition of Sun Microsystems (which have Java) worth U.S. $ 5.6 billion or about USD 50.4 trillion earlier this year. Many analysts say the lawsuit against Google signify Oracle wanted to be more aggressive in seeking licensees for Java.

As is known, Java is a technology used in various types of Internet-based products. Oracle Chief Executive Larry Ellison said Oracle's Java is a major asset, pointing to its use in various electronic devices, from PCs to DVD players.

Oracle Corp. on Thursday said it has sued Google Inc., with respect to patent and copyright infringement in the development of Android software.

Google "intentionally, directly and repeatedly violated the intellectual property related to the Java Oracle" to develop Android, Oracle spokeswoman, Karen Tillman in a statement. "These lawsuits seek appropriate solutions."

Approximately 200 thousand smart phones and other devices operated by the Android operating system sold every day, said Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt on August 4th conference.

A copy of the complaint was not immediately available. Oracle and Google each one does not immediately comply with several requests for comment, according to Reuters.

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