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Battery saving

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

 When we use smartphone such as with android oS, we can saving battery lifed time with this :

1. Time shortening charging The most effective way to do charging ie if the phone is switched off. But remember, do this if you're really not in a state of waiting for an important call, for example after working hours.

2. Avoid mutually SIM Each time change the SIM, it means that your phone must be switched off and in the early going load enabled mobile phone system operators and do a search signal. This job requires a great power.

3. Turn off the vibrator and backlight If you are in a room that could certainly be menderngar phone ringing clearly, there's nothing wrong turn off the vibrator. Likewise with the backlight, as much as may be arranged so as not active in the daytime.
4. Avoid using unnecessary features An increasingly diverse mobile features to make even more wasteful use of battery. For that, as much as possible not to use the features not needed. For example, activate the camera flash in the daytime or activate Bluetooth when not in use.
5. Avoid the phone from the formation and splashing water One reason batteries wasteful because of short circuit (short circuit). This could be due to short circuit the phone often terjatuk or liquid. To reduce the negative effects, you should use protection.
6. Make sure you are in GSM mode 3G phones generally have the option of setting a GSM network, dual mode and 3G only. If you're not enjoying the 3G facilities, it is advisable to use GSM mode only. This setting is in the "Network"
7. Do not let the battery run out To type Polymer Lithium Ion battery and battery pengecasan time should not wait for the battery is completely discharged. So when there is low battery warning, please direct
charging .

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