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Sony Ericson, Bye Symbian

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Some phone "Sony Ericsson" adopt the Symbian operating system.Vivaz and Vivaz Pro is the latest phone to symbian. However, a second phone will be close cooperation and sony ericsson symbian. This was conveyed by Aldo Liguori, Sony Ericsson UK told BusinessWeek that the company no longer plans to produce phones based on Symbian. Nevertheless, Liguori said that Sony Ericsson will remain a member of the Symbian Foundation - a nonprofit organization that addresses the compatibility between the manufactures to the Symbian OS adopters
This will result in only Nokia would walk alone in the path of the Symbian platform. Hopefully, the Finnish handset manufacturer through a new generation of Symbian ^ 3 and its successors could soon have the power to embrace and maintain the loyalty of his fans. Symbian reportedly slumped lately. But a report from Bloomberg says that the OS is still the best selling smartphone operating system in the world. For example, for mobile phones made by Nokia. All the newest Nokia smartphones, including the N8, use the Symbian OS ^ 3

And, for the owners of Sony Ericsson mobile phones based on Symbian, now your phone will be ready to be 'rare'.
There is no assurance of future Sony Ericsson mobile phone platform. However, according to Aldo Liguori, though not exclusively running the Android platform become one of the options

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