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Facebook Phone use Android?

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Despite rumors spread by the two staff people, namely Joe Hewitt and Matthew Papakipos associated with 'up the Phone' has been denied, but both are known to still work on the project proper selection of operating systems for mobile Facebook (FB) later.

As reported by Electronista, there are sources which claim that mobile phones will be filmed FB using Android as the operating system. Because Android is deemed more qualified for social networking. In addition, the discourse is also based on speculation that developed, relating the departure of Senior Product Manager Android, Erick Tseng to Facebook.

Indeed, the party continued to insist up and declare that it is not directly going to gush phone. But, this does not mean that social networking companies are not developing a new operating system, Facebook for example.

Not only that, also cited rumors that Facebook is trying CNET seek advice from operators and hardware manufacturers, who likely will serve as the exclusive operator in the U.S..

Then, whether up later will actually took the Android as an operating system is ideal for him? Or, is it actually trying to set up a phone with its own platform? Let's see its development.

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