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Android over 25% Internet Access

Thursday, September 16, 2010

LAS VEGAS - Android operating system continues to lunge for destabilize first OS that comes on the market. Each month, the report mentions that the Android market share continues to grow.
Not only a growing market share, for Android-based smartphone is now controlled 25 percent of mobile Internet traffic in the United States. Thus the results of market research conducted by the firm Quantcast.
Quoted by Tele Click, Tuesday (07/09/2010) despite a quarter of Internet traffic is controlled by besutan Google OS, but in fact still controlled the iPhone OS. Yes, Apple remains the dominant player with the OS for the iPhone accounting for 56 percent of U.S. Web traffic.
However, that figure declined from 68 percent since September 2009. While the share of Android has increased more than tripled from just 8 percent during the same period.
Research In Motion remained relatively flat at 9 percent, BlackBerry devices continue to dominate the smartphone market. But their efforts failed to capture a wider population of consumers.

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