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News : Android 4.0, ice cream?

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Although until recently the Android 3.0 (Gingerbread) has not been made public, but subsequent versions were already disclosed. as quoted by Electronista, where Tudor Brown, president of ARM (Advanced RISC Machines) in talks last Friday, revealed more details about the advanced version of the Android operating system.

Not far from the previous tradition, the naming of the latest Android variant uses the name of the dessert. And, Android 4.0 version was rumored to be carrying the name of Ice Cream.

Not yet clear whether the features that would later be taken by the Android OS 4.0, as well as the time of its release. Could Android 4.0 soon be launched until mid-2011? Or at least just after version 3.0 was released? We await further news.

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